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What To Expect When Considering A Political Science Major

by Shain David
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What To Expect When Considering A Political Science Major

Political science has long been a popular program at many colleges and universities. Those who are not well-informed may consider it an easy program of study but this is definitely not the case. A political science major studies public policy, government, and political behavior of both individuals and groups. Scientific and humanistic perspectives are both taken when examining political systems throughout the world and how they relate.

The political world is very dynamic and changes rapidly. Students of the sector understand that this has widespread ramifications. Critical to the field are an understanding of the workings of politics, what motivates public policy, and using public opinion to one’s advantage. Through their studies, students better their written, spoken, and analytic skills. This allows them to be more competitive when seeking a job with this challenging and competitive sector.

Students who question the status quo are drawn to this major because they are exposed to practical and philosophical programs regarding governance, political organizations, and action and are tasked to think critically to solve them. At the same time, they explore the nature of the duties, rights, and citizenship within our modern world. Curriculum is often divided into sections including American, foreign, and theoretical politics. Areas of specialization may also be available, allowing students to explore a more focused topic in greater detail.

Any student interested in how governmental systems function and interact tends to select this major. These individuals are commonly involved in political movements or programs within the school or local community. They may have held an office in high school and plan to do so in college, whether it be for the school or a related group like a community service association or the Greek system.

Throughout their studies, these individuals are expected to develop critical listening and reading skills, improve analytical reasoning, speak and write clearly and powerfully, and consider moral aspects and thoughts when making judgments. Questioning, challenging, debating, and forming persuasive, coherent arguments are emphasized by this major. These skills come in handy in a career in political science.

A political science major may eventually work in areas like business, law, or as a public policy analyst. Government jobs include elected public official, advisor, Congressional aide, or working in public administration. Lobbyists and those involved in urban or regional planning also usually have a political science background. Jobs in this field are demanding but many of them pay well and offer excellent benefits.

Kenny Chan believes that a clean and an uncorrupted government is key to solving most of the pressing issues in our societies. He therefore highly encourages students to be politically conscious and frequently question the status quo as well as pay attention to problems affecting our societies. Find out more about political science from his blog.

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