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The Flexibility of Water Features

by Shain David
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The Flexibility of Water Features

Many people enjoy the relaxing sounds of a water feature; but if you have ever considered purchasing one and decided against it as unnecessary or impractical, you may be surprised to learn just how useful and flexible water features can be.

Besides the natural soothing benefits,

they can also be advantageous to the wildlife in your garden. The source of fresh water will encourage birds and other animals into your garden and even if your feature is for indoor use, it may be used as an additional drinking spot for your pet cat or dog. On the other hand, if you would rather keep the garden wildlife away rather than attract them, a water feature can still help: Shishi Odoshi water features make a sound as the flowing water moves the bamboo parts and this is a proven repellent to deer and other animals. Perfect if you want a simple, humane and aesthetically pleasing way to keep animals away from your garden!

Not only is a water feature a useful addition to your garden, but the sheer range available means that there really is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in one. Of course, there are a number of expensive features and fountains (which may be ideal if you are a business or designer looking for large, unusual or even bespoke water features). However, you can also find quality products for less than £10 and there are features in all sizes to fit a lower budget. If you are looking to save money, the best ones to choose from are solar powered – after the initial cost of the feature, there are no further costs as energy from the sun is completely free! Solar water features can also be placed anywhere with access to sunlight, so no need to worry that the cable will not be long enough to reach the mains power plug in your house.

As mentioned, indoor water features are widely available,

so there is no need even to have a garden – flat-dwellers can still enjoy the benefits of a feature that is suitable for indoor use (and many garden water features will work very well on a balcony).

A feature or fountain can be a simple addition to your home or garden – once set up, most require little maintenance beyond ensuring that there is enough water and that the pump is clear and safe from frost and snow in winter. However, if you’re looking for something a little more interactive, programmable fountains and birdbaths have a range of options to play with and some even have a few different fountain heads so you can choose how the water flows.

You can add your own distinctive mark by customising the feature – add lights so you can enjoy it both day and night, misters will add an air of mystery to your garden, and (perhaps more for companies) some water features can even be customised with your logo or motto – a perfect introduction to your company reception or lobby.

Water features are therefore clearly an exceptionally flexible garden accessory – suitable for any budget, they can be placed almost anywhere you want, from a table or desktop indoors, to a garden pond or on a balcony. They can create a calming, restful atmosphere, attract or even keep animals away from your garden and give you a new medium to customise and show your individuality.

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