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How to Save Money When You Want to Know What Is Going on in the World

by Shain David
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How to Save Money When You Want to Know What Is Going on in the World

The way we are reading the news headlines is changing. Gone are the days when we could go to the newsagents and pick up all the newspapers for under £1. Now, newspapers are almost a pound for each one. So it has become very expensive to keep up to date with the local and the world news.

Even if you wanted to focus on a certain area of the news and buy magazines instead, you would be looking at more than £5 per magazine. If people took this step, then they would be spending hundreds of pounds on the news each day.

Therefore, it is time to look for alternative was to ready the world news. Ways that are more affordable and ways that mean you will not have to leave the house to pick them up.

Phone Applications

Most of the news corporations have apps for mobile phones now. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, then you can actually buy the newspapers on their newsstand app and it will be delivered digitally to you. Digital newspapers are a lot more affordable than physical ones and you can save even more money by getting a subscription.

If the newspaper that you want has an application as well, then you might be able to have access to the UK and the American news without having to pay a penny. On these applications, you will just have to log in and they will let you read the paper on their app. It will be updated daily as well.

The benefits of having an app for a newspaper is that the news headlines are updated as they happen and you will not have to wait until tomorrow, with the next physical issue, to find out what is happening. You could be reading about an incident within minutes of it happen, just like when you watch a 24 hour news channel.


Reading newspapers online is becoming one of the most popular things to do. This is because it is free and readers have access to full articles. This saves them a lot of money buying newspapers and it is better for the environment.

With online newsvendors, you will have access to the world news and not just what is popular in your local area. Furthermore, news is constantly updated. You could read an online newspaper in the morning and by the afternoon; there is a whole new set of articles. When doing the research for this article, there were over ten different articles live and then they changed again before the research was over. This was all in the space of an hour.

Also, online news vendors will have a lot more freedom over the articles that they are writing. They don’t just have to post on current events or things that they think will sell their newspaper. They can post on anything that they deem newsworthy

In regular newspapers, they don’t necessarily post good news all the time because if doesn’t sell. But, when people have a choice of what they want to read, they will always read the good news because it makes them feel better about the world they live in, and themselves.

Online newspapers can be read through any technological medium and people have more choice when it comes to what newspaper that they want to read. They don’t have to stick to the brand name papers that the newsagents sell. There are plenty of alternatives out there.

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