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Further Your Career by Earning Political Science Degrees Online

by Shain David
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Further Your Career by Earning Political Science Degrees Online

Course Content

You will get good general education as well as knowledge of various disciplines like economics, history, philosophy, law, international affairs, mathematics and, of course politics, while you are studying for online degrees in political science. While earning a bachelors degree in this particular subject, students will learn the theories of this subject. A masters’ degree will provide students with more advanced knowledge of this discipline. A wide variety of topics like comparative politics, foreign policy analysis, American governance policy making and U.S. constitutional history is covered in this degree program.

Students can also choose elective courses focusing on a particular area of politics like American politics and comparative politics.

Possible Careers

Career options available for students who have achieved political science degrees online are diverse. Some of these are business management, journalism, public relation, foreign affairs, government service, teaching in universities or colleges and so on.

Salary Earned

The salary of people who have completed a degree in this subject is different for different professions. Some students become attorneys or high profile business managers earning more than $100,000 a year while, some students work as paralegals or administrative assistants and earn much less.

Expected Career Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts slow growth in this field in the coming years. This means that there will be very tough competition for jobs in government departments. Students who have earned on-campus or online political science degrees have a better career outlook than those who have not.

Institutions for the degree

Top accredited online universities offering political science degrees online include:


  • The George Washington University
  • American Military University
  • Ashford University

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